100% “MADE IN GERMANY"! ZAZO only works with certified German suppliers, which also produce 100% in Germany. 

This is the reason that the process can be fully documented on the highest level. The Base is proceeded by a supplier who have an official license to produce medicine. 

The manufacturing standards are the same like other medical products. The Flavors will be selected by fragrance, taste and technical characteristics, but the main important things are the ingredients. Flavors with questionable composition will not be used. 

More information about the manufacturing

The entire production process of all components is performed by a quality management system which include the HACCP concept.

Also, includes the production the GMP process to create high quality indicators. These systems create a fully documented production, with which we can comply all future regulatory requirements...


The processing and dosing of the base fluid requires the highest professional competence. This produces a renowned pharmaceutical company from southern Germany. 

The acid ingredients are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and demineralized water, which respect all requirements of the European pharmacopoeia, the American pharmacopoeia and the food chemicals codex. 


Ingredients & Details ZAZO Liquids:

  • Propylene Glycol, vegetable Glycerol, Water, Flavor, Nicotine
  • 50% PG | 40% VG | 10% water 
  • Raw material supply in EP/USP quality from Germany
  • Production in Germany by certified provider
  • Free of dyes, fat oils and diacetyl
  • Documented production process of raw materials and liquids
  • Exclusive flavors for excellent aroma and taste
  • Perfect Vape development
  • Nicotin strengths: 0 mg / 9 mg / 18 mg 



  • Harmful if swallowed! • Avoid skin and eye contact.
  • Keep away from children!
  • Not allowed for people under the age of 18!


Do not use:

during pregnancy and lactation, if you suffer from cardiovascular and/or respiratory diseases, if you are allergic or hyper-sensitive to any of the ingredients. In case of illness or indisposition seek medical advice immediately! This product is not a medical product and is not intended to be used as an aid to stop smoking. Non-smokers are recommended not to use this product.

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